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Genesis Universal Buggy Clips
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Genesis Universal Buggy Clips

Price: £5.99

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These general purpose buggy/pram clips are made from industrial strength materials and are an ultra-convenient multi-purpose accessory for any pram, buggy, or stroller etc.

Securing your handbag or other bags to your pushchair may act as a deterrent against handbag snatchers and other would be theives.  

The dual clips are a spring gate swivelling design and the unit clips into place using a fully adjustable side release buckle system.  The clips can be tightened around a variety of diameters as the side release system is adjustable.  No hook and loop (Velcro) used in this product these are easy to clip on and off.

The design makes them pretty much universal unlike some others and we have found numerous places on numerous prams and strollers where they could be attached.

Genesis products are made in England to the highest attainable standards.

NOTE:  Due care should be taken not to overload such clips.  On test polythene bag handles snapped prior to any damage being caused to these clips but this would not prevent a tipping hazard to the pushchair if overloaded on a strongly constructed bag.   

Top quality at the right price!

Customers Feedback

" Perfect.  It made all the difference between being comfortable riding an unfaired bike, and suffering.  I like it so much.  Mark Mendell - Weston, MA USA

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